Did you know?
Did you know?
Welcome to Music Class
Welcome Fox Hollow Flyers!
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This year we will have a Beverly Taylor Sorenson Art Grant teacher. However, this is not a  
regular specialist position. There will be no Art Specialty in the rotation. Instead, the Art
Teacher will work with the regular classroom teachers to integrate art into the common
core curriculum.
Music “prepares the brain for
achievement. Complex math
processes are more accessible
to students who have studied
music because the same parts of
the brain used in processing
math are strengthened
through practice in music. For
example, students who take
music in middle school score
significantly higher on algebra
assessments in ninth grade than
their non-music counterparts, as
their brains are already accustomed
to performing the processes
used in complex math
(Helmrich, 2010).”  (Music Matters,